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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

STRAGE, R&S Records, Gold Panda, and some ambient...

The brilliant STRAGE played at AWARE this past weekend, launching their new EP THE FIRE IN HELL which is available for free download. It is also available for a nominal fee through digital distribution channels: Itunes, Nokia Music, Amazon, etc.

SHAX TRAX release of a Complextro/Electro/Dubstep compilation called" The Prophecy Into The Light, check it out on BEATPORT. (Click on the link)

Some R&S Records goodies:

Some ambient beauty for you:

A new Gold Panda track:

And to end off, a REALLY cool remake of The Primitives "Crash" by none other than Belle and Sebastian.

COOL, moving shops in the next few days, aaaaargh….

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