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Friday, February 17, 2012


I have neglected you, oh my blog, I am not even going to begin going far back, suffice it to say, I am back.

It has been an insane few months and I have been working VERY hard together with the Deconstruction Crew to get things back on track. It has been a long and hard road but ultimately it will be VERY rewarding.

Here are some things that have recently graced my inbox I will endeavor to get more stuff out to you guys as QUICKLY as I can.

This is my good friend Jades sister who resides in Japan...AWESOME

Panama - Magic (Midnight Magic Remix)
  Panama is a Sydney-based five piece founded by, Jarrah McCleary, a classically trained pianist from the age of six who grew up in the sticky heat of the Northern Territory. They’re coming out with their self-released debut single “Magic” (…nothing less than Magic!) worldwide on March 2nd. The single includes two remixes from Midnight Magic and Gavin Russom (Crystal Ark) which sound absolutely brilliant.  Eric Broucek (DFA) mixed the tracks.
“Australia's really been whipping out the big guns lately with some artists on the rise. Sydney-based Panama is sure to be one of them.” – Filter

Lance Herbstrong x Queen - Dragon Attack

Through stream-of-consciousness aural atmospherics, Lance Herbstrong takes you on a trip, sustaining musical momentum with sonic layers propelling the rhythms. The result is music that is ethereal and organic, of the air and of the earth, and always moving. The nation’s most esteemed climate change scientists described their first Lance Herbstrong show as a ‘motherf---ing Fun Bomb that just goes off inside you.’

Avan Lava - It's NEver Over


Yuksek - Off the Wall (Brodinski Remix) (Right Click Save As)

Yuksek - Always on the Run (Right Click Save As)

SHAX - Mind Control EP Beatport

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