Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alan Wilkis - Pink and Purple, NEW EP

I have been sitting on this for a while, so apologies to Alan, been INSANELY busy. ANYHOO, Alan, a Brooklyn based producer/multi-instrumentalist recently released his astoundingly good and sunny and summery EP called Pink and Purple cd for sale.
Its also available on iTunes as well as on Amazon
This is the Press Release:

Brooklyn-based producer/multi-instrumentalist, Alan Wilkis, is extrememly proud to present PINK AND
PURPLE. Jampacked with 808s, vintage synths, vocoders, handclaps, hooks, and harmonies, PAP is an
eclectic romp through the FM airwaves of the 1980s - 6 songs of non-stop electro-pop dynamite.
Home-recorded from June ʻ08 - February ʼ09, PAP is Wilkis' sophomore release. On it, he continues to
explore his unique genre-bending aesthetic, crafting a sound that is at once familiar and yet entirely his
own, with influences ranging from Prince and Rick James to Steve Winwood and Madonna. On the
EP-opener, "Snuggle Up To Nail Down," infectious Casio beats pop-and-lock their way across the dancefloor.
On "N.I.C.E.," Alan floats rubbery synths over squelching basslines and squealing horns. "Dance
With You" pits Van Halen against the Pointer Sisters in a "Jump" contest, and the epic "Time Machine"
soundtracks The Neverending Story with Phil Collins.
In assembling PAP, Alan enlisted several of NY's finest, including Gunnar Olsen on drums (Dragons Of
Zynth, The Exit, Earl Greyhound, Asobi Seksu, Fires of Rome); guitarists, Grey McMurray (itsnotyouitsme,
Bell, Matmos) and Ryan Ferreira (Alarm Will Sound, Bell); Eric Biondo (Antibalas, Shakira, TV on the
Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dirty On Purpose) and Tony Barba (Youngblood Brass Band) on horns.
So throw PINK AND PURPLE on your iPod and turn it up real loud...
100% guaranteed to slap a smile on your face and throw a serious wiggle in your booty.
Don't be scared... it's just Alan Wilkis.
“Refreshingly modern...” - Popmatters
"A tasty bouillabaisse..." - Paper Magazine
"Wicked... like Hall & Oates or Stevie Wonder playing with Kraftwerk."
- MistaJam, BBC Radio
alan wilkis
w: Alan Wilkis MySpace

I found the album to be seriously summery and warm and fun and whimsical and hopeful and joyful. He certainly knows his way around a studio, the choons are definately 80's inspired, there's even a bit of aHa in there as well, which is never a bad thing. I know you peeps in the Northern Hemisphere are going into those long cold months of winter and stuff, listen to this album and summer will be RIGHT back for you. Well, hope you enjoy, I'm off, shizzle to do and shizzle to sort out, got some WAY exciting events planned!!!!! Can you say TRASH? Can you say PREP? What MODE do you find YOURSELF in??? Hmmm????

BEFORE I GO, Alan sent through a BRAND SPANKING NEW remix he has done of The Very Best which is below, check it:
Hope all's well with you. I just finished a new remix of THE VERY BEST's "Warm Heart of Africa" (ft. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend), thought you might like to give it a listen. Here's a download link:

THE VERY BEST - Warm Heart (feat Ezra Koenig) (Alan Wilkis Remix)

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