Friday, September 4, 2009

Sorry, been quiet for a while,

Hey peeps, sorry, I have been WAY too busy to even THINK of getting to my beloved blog AND the awesome music is piling up, so this weekend I will do a monster post, SOOOO much has happened. We hosted The Toxic Avenger last weekend, it was insane!!!! Thanks Simon, you and Gregoire are top folks, was way cool meeting you:)!
ALSO, we at Deconstruction have been hard at work for the follow up events for Toxic Avenger. We have some AWESOMENESS on its way end of October, then end of November something WICKED this way comes. Busy working on something for New Years as well, hopefuly it comes off, will keep you posted. FURTHERMORE, we are bringing a band out in February 2010......keep yer eyes peeled to this url for further info!!!!
All of this AND soon new office space, as well as LOTS of other stuff happening!!! AND I will be returning to London in February to see Depeche Mode!!! ALL this and a full time day job.....PLUS I have been djing everywhere recently, its been insane.
Tonight, the lovely folk of MtKidU are launching their BRAND new album at Kitcheners, its an awesome album, AND I get namechecked in the thank you sleeve notes, woooooo, WAY touched by that:)!!! Then tomorrow, Keith and I have been doing the Afternoon Absolution at Gin in Greenside Johannesbrg for a year now, so if you around, come chill with us. Then Sunday afternoon, I will be spinning some more chilled choooons for y'all at Doodle on the Roof for Night of a 1000 Drawings, all goes towards a good cause.
Okay, enough rambling now, tomorow or sunday, there will be a monster post for all of you to plunder all the awesme music that has been piling up in my inbox!!
and Carrots

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