Friday, September 25, 2009

My 300th Post WITH: NEW Prepmode remixes, Boys Noize, Lauren Flax, Wolfmother, Zero 7, John Forte, Gentlemen Thieves, Gang Gang Dance, etc!!!

First off, this is my 300th post, so a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS thank you to ALL of my readers, thank you for making my little labour of love worthwhile, I have had TREMENDOUS fun doing this, I have met some PHENOMENAL people through this and I HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE....well, without further ado:
WHAT BETTER WAY OF STARTING OFF my THREE HUNDREDTH POST, yes, that’s right, you peeps have been subjected to my inane natter and mindless drivel and of course AWESOME music for THREE HUNDRED TIMES now:

SO, to celebrate here’s some stuffies from my good fiend Simon (PREPMODE to all of you…..bow DOWN to him dammit):
Art Of Revolution (PREPMODE RMX) - Bassnectar

This is one I recently did for a Lollapalooza remix competition.

This is a Baltimore Club style take on a classic that I use during my sets to perform a tone trick.
Conga (PREPMODE'S Re-Rub) - Miami Sound Machine

Some stuff with Nile-On:
here’s a Lord Auch B Side ‘Grassfingers’.. those not familiar, Lord Auch are a 5 piece from London, they play pop music and take their inspiration from the 1950’s up to Birthday Party/ Nick Cave era.. next week I will give you a tune off their new EP but enjoy this for now, and if you’re about on the 4th October check them out at the new rose in Islington
Lord Auch - Grassfingers

Then Chris from Gentlemen Thieves sent me some new remixes as well…..happiness!!! :
Kiss in Cities-U R My Girl(Gentlemen Thieves Remix)

Visitor-Los Feelings(Gentlemen Thieves Remix)

Kinetika Records reckon that women rule!!! Who am I to argue, personaly I am VERY fond of women (one in particular GRRRRRRRR):

Voica - Leather is Forever MixTape

Housewives - What’s Cooking on the Dancefloor MixTape

AND NOW, RCRD LBL, god (deity, whatever higher or lower power you prescribe to) bless em:

Gang Gang Dance
Bebey (DJ /rupture And Matt Shadetek Remix)
Who better to tighten Gang Gang’s baggy global drum tendencies than DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek? Their remix of “Bebey” contains loads of floaty, incandescent rhythms colliding with other crazily head-spinning sounds. Looking forward to taking a dip in that swamp.
Gang Gang Dance - Bebey (DJ /rupture And Matt Shadetek Remix)
From the Album: Solar Life Raft
Gang Gang Dance Web

Zero 7
Pop Art Blue
Although Summer is coming to an end, the consolation is that there’s always gonna be a next year to get drunk outside and smoke too much, unless of course this was summer that you swore a vow to total celibacy. Maybe it’s time to grow up—if it is, then turn your ears the way of “Pop Art Blue.” Zero 7 don’t seem to do anything but “grown up.”
Zero 7 - Pop Art Blue
Zero 7 MySpazz Zero 7 Web
From the Album: Yeah Ghost

Boys Noize
Despite working recently with Erol Alkan, the Black Eyed Peas, and Gonzales; Boys Noize’s battery acid-scorched thumb hasn’t dulled a whim—he’s still perfectly capable and happy cranking out terroristic rave tunes that sound like they were made with possessed power tools.
Boys Noize - Starter
Boys Noize MySpazz
From the Album: Power

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
The Sound
The first song released from The Nominally Endowed One’s new LP for Saddle Creek, Summer Of Fear, “The Sound” is crushed flannel indie rock for those hopeful and hopeless, tides of guitars swelling around a surprisingly well-adjusted Rhodes riff. Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio produces.
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Sound
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson MySpazz
From the Album: Summer of Fear

Drop The Lime
Devil’s Eyes (Luca’s B-Live Club Mix)
An uptempo mix of a song called “Devil’s Eyes,” commissioned by Bacardi B-Live, it is not only a soon-to-be-massive club track, but also the most pained and arena-ready Drop The Lime vocal performance we’ve heard yet.
Drop The Lime - Devil’s Eyes (Luca’s B-Live Club Mix)
Drop the Lime MySpazz

DJ Gina Turner & Dan Oh
Cane Che Abbaia Non Morde
Gina Turner and Dan Oh both stand on the housier side of LA’s DJ community, their preferences lying in the wind-in-your-sails sound of Europe’s big rooms. That’s pretty much the score for this tune—there’s the wooshy breakdowns, the sharp 4/4 thump, and the glitzy synth sprinkles.
DJ Gina Turner & Dan Oh - Cane Che Abbaia Non Morde
DJ Gina Turner MySpazz
From the Album: Che Abbaia Non Morde

John Forté
John Forté is a free man, and yet on this deep slow-burner from his new record, StyleFREE the EP, he’s more concerned with the search for “some essence of a connection in a world divided.” Damn, we hope he writes a song as good as this when he finds it.
John Forté – Nervous
John Forte MySpazz John Forte Web
From The Album: StyleFREE

Digital Haircut
Now that they’ve re-released Black Square, toured with Crystal Castles, hit up SXSW, become adored by Pitchfork and had “Digital Haircut” crowned the official song of the Summer 2009 XGames, does anyone know how to pronounce DD/MM/YYYY yet?
DD/MM/YYYY - Digital Haircut
From the Album: Black Square

New Moon Rising (YACHT Remix)
Wolfmother’s new LP doesn’t drop until October 27th, but that gives you plenty of time to marinate on YACHT’s version of the first single, “New Moon Rising,” which sort of sounds like getting socked in the stomach with a rubber band ball while rollerskating, only, you know, not painfully.
Wolfmother - New Moon Rising (YACHT Remix)
Wolfmother MySpazz Wolfmother Web

Jeremy Jay
Words Of Love (Holly)
Jeremy Jay is a man of more traditional pleasures like the gentle thrum of an acoustic guitar and Buddy Holly songs. “Words Of Love” is one of the best, and it’s a strong suit for Jay; the LA crooner winsome as he clumsily trips his way through those words like a giddy, overgrown schoolboy.
Jeremy Jay - Words Of Love (Holly)
Jeremy Jay MySpazz
From the Album: Breaking the Ice

Lauren Flax
You’ve Changed (ft. Sia) (Richie Panic And UFO! Remix)
This remix from Richie Panic and UFO!, stays house-y in patches but deviates elsewhere into a terrordome of shot-from-a-cannon drums, sirens, and crowd noise.
Lauren Flax - You’ve Changed (ft. Sia) (Richie Panic And UFO! Remix)
Lauren Flax MySpazz

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize
Death Suite (Bobermann Remix)
The original “Death Suite” comes from a new single on Boys Noize Records, but we have an exclusive refit from Bobermann aka Bob Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots, who does his best to make an already aggressive track even more belligerent. Maximalism–far from dead!
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Death Suite (Bobermann Remix)
Erol Alkan MySpazz Erol Alkan Web

This ones for Kat....grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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