Monday, September 28, 2009

George Lenton mixtape, Cassius Don Diablo Style, Miike Snow, Crookers, All Leather, Metronomy, School of Seven Bells....

FIRST THINGS FIRST…..this little gem just arrived in my in-box, a mixtape type thingy from Lord of the Dubsteppers….GEORGE LENTON, it’s here and if you are in Bristol (that’s in the UK for any geographically challenged George Bush’s out there)on the 28th October 2009 he’ll be playing at The Lab at a night called: Original Mash

Don Diablo just sent this remix of Cassius for your ears:



Don Diablo takes on the future classic 'Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes' by French house legends Cassius. The single will be released on November 5th on Cassius Records with additional remixes by Radioslave, The Subs and Reset!. Don Diablo adds extra funk and freshness to the dark & epic monster that is 'Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes' and makes you wish summer had only just begun! Also, be on the look out for Don Diablo's forthcoming new single 'Where I belong', which will be supported by a fantastic new video and remix package to boot.

COOL, now some more stuffies from RCRD LBL, for YOU, YOU and YOU:
Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology (Radio Edit)
Midnight Juggernauts MySpazz

Miike Snow - Black Blue (Tiga Remix)

Crookers - Embrace The Martian feat Kid Cudi (Seiji Acid Remix)
Crookers Web Crookers MySpazz

Harmonia & Eno 76 – Sometimes in Autumn (Shackleton Remix)

All Leather - Please Jesus Send Me Someone To Fuck (SPA 1995 Remix)
All Leather MySpazz All Leather Web

Caspa - The Takeover feat Dynamite MC
Caspa MySpazz

The Feelies - Let’s Go
The Feelies Web

Do the Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix)
London remixers Wild Geese retrofit the malleable “Do the Right Thing” with a menu of classic dance-club moves: a sturdy synth-clap beat that’d mix in or out of anything, a bit of cowbell and a stove full of boiling electronics, all rising and falling and hissing out clouds of digital steam.
Metronomy - Do the Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix)
Metronomy MySpazz

School Of Seven Bells
Iamundernodisguise (Alternate Version)
School Of Seven Bells is set to re-release their Alpinisms LP as a deluxe version, that includes this alternate version of Alpinisms opener “Iamundernodisguise,” “alternate” meaning “more primal drum patterns, less effects haze.”
School Of Seven Bells - Iamundernodisguise (Alternate Version)
School of Seven Bells Web

RIGHT, thanks peeps, well, I have just begun trawling through the entire series Carnivale and so far so good, excellent in fact!! I also spent the weekend DJing at a Le Club/ Decodance reunion which was cool as I was able to pull out all the older alt classics and obscure gems that still make me happy, it was awesome. We watched Coraline as well as The Watchmen which was cool. I LOVE the styling and animation of Coraline, it's disturbingly creepy in a normal way.
AND, Sir Ryan Giggs carried on with his awesome form this season again, getting us back to top of the table....
An AWESOME weekend all in all, there was other even more awesome stuff but thats for me to know and you not to know.................'till next time.......yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

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