Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEW George Lenton, NAPT, Relentless, BLKSQR, Toxic Avenger, Deux Helix, The Hush Now, La Dolce Vita, Piney Gir etc etc etc PHEW!!!

John Lydon Reforms PiL

troll mp3 ;
George Lenton - troll mp3 (have been asked to remove the link as this track has been licensed to Ollywood which is awesome news for George, look out for a vinyl release in the UK SOOOOOON)

troll youtube ;

George Lenton - Troll Video

biog-ish youtube ;

George Lenton Bio-ish Vid

I was supposed to have this up last week, but last week was insane, so here it is, a week late:
The Toxic Avenger Mix Stream
And this from Kinetika:
Felix Da Housecat Mix

And this was snt to me by Disco Ruined My Life:
BLKSQR - Live Set

BLKSQR - Maurice - Amrican Girls

Korn - Fuck That (BLKSQR Remix)

And this came in from the fantastic Deux Helix:
Deux Helix - Univers Parallèle (320 KBPS)
Deux Helix - Univers Parallèle (320 KBPS)

Deux Helix - Near Death Experience (320 KBPS)
Deux Helix - Near Death Experience (320 KBPS)
Deux Helix
More Kinetika Records Madness:
Poptrash - Pomomofo (Remix)
And then this from Nile-On:
I’ve got a dreamy indie pop number from The Hush Now, Constellations is 3 minutes of indie fun. ALSO don’t miss their little video they made when on tour it’s Rad

The Hush Now - Constellations
The Hush Now MySpazz
This lovely slice of genius came in from La Dolce Vita:
The Sounds - No One Sleep When I'm Awake [La Dolce Vita Rmx]
La Dolce Vita MySpazz
Another Nile-On piece of excentricity, lovely:
Piney’s new record is full of little gems, this is a short sweet one for the weekend.
‘Blixa Bargels Bicycle’ is a minute of fun, just her and a 6 string…Piney and her band will be playing some shows in August/September, dates on her myspace
Piney Gir – Blixa Bargel’s Bicycle

Culture Prophet also been mailing the world, cleat of the world, Hooray:
Check out The Culture Prophet’s new EP
And Nile-On keeps bringing in the awesomene:
Metronomy - Not Made For Love
Metronomy MySpazz

Steve Aoki
Thanks Si, aka PREPMODE
Nile-On, what more can I say, THANKS Jodie and Jez:
So I’m going to introduce you to BODEBRIXEN, comprising of Andreas Brixen and Aske Bode from Denmark. The boys’ hearts beat for music and write songs that make you want to dance and smile, acknowledging your true geeky self. Their love for happy and unpretentious pop music means that this band is a unique exception in Denmark. So here’s DEADMAN as a taster of things to come. Enjoy!
Bodebrixen – Deadman
And then Relentless, them lovely peeps sent me some more love wrapped up in a "Hi How Are You?" email, so I thought I'd share it with you coz thats how I roll:
Super Commodore - Radiopuppetsundaydirtywasher (Relentless Remix) Right Click Save As
Relentless - Double Slit (Original Mix) Right Click save As
Relentless MySpazz Relentless Web
More Relentless Music: Relentless - The City Loves You , Relentless vs Noel Sinner - Lick it Over , Relentless Live @ Club Six June 2009 , Relentless - William of Ockham , Relentless - Ur Fired , Mephisto Odyssey vs Travis T-Supa Chron – Relentless Amnesty Remix , Relentless - GEO600 , Relentless - Mono Love , Relentless - Mono Love (Stereo Heroes Remix) , Relentless - Mono Love (After Midnight Remix)

AND NOW, for some SUPER Cheezetastic NAPTastic Gouda:

NAPT ft Louise Marshall "Make My Day" - Official Video

PHEW, and then, what would a blog of mine be if it didn't have some RCRD LBL awesomeness for ya? Huh, huh, huh....:

Moda (Radio Edit)
Retro/Grade, the Italo-disco-focused project from Serge Santiago and Tom Neville, has been the stuff of keyboard-sweating message board minions for more than a year, and for good reason—their first single “Moda” is a soaring, cheeseless take on a genre we’ve often found wandering into questionably samey waters.
Retro/Grade - Moda (Radio Edit)

The Willowz
OC rock-faves The Willowz are pushing back the release date of their new record Everyone until November 17th. Bummer. To tide you over, we’re offering “Repetition” for you to put on repeat—no pun intended. Okay, just slightly.
The Willowz - Repetition
The Willowz Web

Thanks But No Thanks (Full Album)
With a proclivity for making music that sounds like gumball asteroids falling from the sky, we’re passing on Phaseone’s debut LP Thanks But No Thanks, because we think it’s that good. You know those time lapse shots in Planet Earth where fungus grows out of stuff in a disturbingly beautiful way? This is like that happening in your head for forty minutes.
Phaseone - Thanks But No Thanks (Full Album)

The Clean
No year on Earth can be all bad if The Clean are releasing a new album. “Tensile” is keyboard crescents darting around three and four-note guitar and bass figures, all green-lighted by their particular sort of Krautpop beat—the one where the robotic severity is replaced by ultra-human grooviness.
The Clean – Tensile
The Clean Web The Clean MySpazz

Wildbirds & Peacedrums
My Heart (AU Remix)
This AU remix of Wildbirds & Peacedrums is much more ‘wildbird’ than ‘peacedrum,’ that’s for sure; Mariam Wallentin switching up into full-on diva mode as those pans rattle nervously, strings panicking in the background.
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - My Heart (AU Remix)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums Web

Fever Ray
Seven (Crookers Remix)
Fever Ray is sullen mystery and dark spaces. Shy; tortured by an undefinable internal wrangling. So what do Crookers do? They’ve only gone and turned “Seven” into a phone advert! One in the eye for enigma, at that.
Fever Ray - Seven (Crookers Remix)
Fever Ray MySpazz Fever Ray Web

Before Tigers (CFCF Rmx)
Whenever Jake Duzsik opens his mouth nothing seems to come out but a heart-bursting emptiness—so with this sultry remix the laudable CFCF carefully scrapes the singer off the floor and wraps him in warming blankets of steel drum and soft synth.
HEALTH - Before Tigers (CFCF Rmx)
Health Web

Beep Beep Beep (Extended 12” Remix)
This is boyfriend disco, Tiga dismissing texted booty call “beep beep beeps” in favour of that one person who really makes him—and the chorus—go “ooh, wooh, oooh.” For ten whole minutes.
Tiga - Beep Beep Beep (Extended 12” Remix)
Tiga MySpazz Tiga Web

Lia Ices
Half Life
“Half Life,” from last year’s Necima LP comes with a video of Lia Ice and two of her dancer friends getting weird in a poshy townhouse, looking stoic and emitting smoke from their palms, viewable here.
Lia Ices - Half Life
Lia Ices Web Lia Ices Web

The Very Best
Rain Dance (Featuring M.I.A.)
Among the many, many things we love about The Very Best is their sampling of instruments and sounds we would never normally hear unless we wandered into the jungle somewhere and started making things out of stuff we found. Coupled with the unique styling of M.I.A. and you’ve got an irresistible track. Don’t fight it, just download it.
The Very Best - Rain Dance (Featuring M.I.A.)
The Very Best MySpazz

Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One
We’ve been in need of a hardcore hip-hop refresher. Lucky us, Del & Tame One bring back the basics on Parallel Uni-Verses with street flow, funky sampling and straight lyricism. “Special” feels like brushing our teeth clean of the manufactured pulp we’ve been gargling.
Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One – Special
Del The Funky Homosapien MySpazz Tame One Boom Skwad

Death Bells (Mogwai Remix)
The Scottish Gods Of The Guitar Apocalypse aka Mogwai went in and made British production duo Soulsavers single, “Death Bells”—featuring Mark Lanegan—even more life-threateningly noisy, ’cause that’s what they do.
Soulsavers - Death Bells (Mogwai Remix)
Soulsavers MySpazz

Polka Dot
Helter Skelter
What do Zombys dream? Do they dream of being sucked into bloodthirsty vortices of colour, ailing machinery and “Polka Dot” and “Helter Skelter” working their way out from the cities to the suburbs where they force people to dance new, disjointed dances in sticky-floored provincial nightclubs?
Stream: Zomby - Polka Dot
Zomby - Helter Skelter
Zomby MySpazz Hyper Dub

Capricorn (JD Twitch Edit)
Glaswegian DJ duo Optimo new mix for seminal Belgian techno label R&S, In Order To Edit, is a 74-minute plow through the best of the imprint’s deep and essential catalog—including this edit of Capricorn’s “20Hz.”
20Hz - Capricorn (JD Twitch Edit)
The Mob - Witch Hunt (JD Twitch Re-Edit)

The Cribs
We Were Aborted
“We Were Aborted,” from The Crib’s new, Nick Launay-produced LP, Ignore The Ignorant, proves that the recent addition of Johnny Marr hasn’t dulled their fight.
The Cribs - We Were Aborted
The Cribs MySpazz

Logan de Gaulle vs. Pitbull
Shut It Down Mixtape
Clinton Sparks and DJ SNAKE (aka the intercontinental collabo Logan de Gaulle) plus Pitbull have ripped together one frenetic, all-star mixtape in “Shut It Down.” Replete with electroclash hooks, hip hop vocoders, R&B keys and strappy dance claps, these banging tracks host Lil’ Jon, Baby Bash, Fatman Scoop, Sean Kingston, and about a billion other guests.
Logan de Gaulle vs. Pitbull - Shut It Down Mixtape

Psychic City (Joe Goddard Remix)
A remix EP of YACHT’s “Psychic City” was recently released and features this Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip fame) version, which is less beachballing sing-along and more like getting lost in a funhouse of vintage synths. As if it’d be anything else.
YACHT - Psychic City (Joe Goddard Remix)
Yacht MySpazz Yacht Web

FUCK ME, that took a LONG time, I blame it on fatigue, business AND a healthy dose of laziness!!! ANYHOO, here are ALL the awesome tracks old and new for you, INCLUDING some albums etc etc etc......ADORE AWAY..............it's because I Love You All!!!!!! (Well, One more than others, she's FLOTT)

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