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Monday, October 26, 2009

George Lenton and Crystal Vision new mixes and wicked mixtape and some DJ Nu-Mark wizardry Rubberbanding

Crystal Vision MySpazz

Oh What A Night (b.'s bmore edit) was done between shows in the back of a car on the highway between Minneapolis and Chicago.
The Imperial March (b.'s bmore edit) was made to open his halloween set last year only because he was dressed as Darth Vader.

Both are great tracks for just about any dj set. bbmore blog


Rhythm is a dancer
Dance Wow
Pon de Floor
Imperial March
Oh What a Night
all of the above Right Click, Save as

Robot Dance Music

Geroge Lenton sent us this lovely set
George Lenton gets BUSY

George Lenton ; intro
Daft Punk ; One more time (george lenton remix )
George Lenton ; Untitled
George Lenton ; Price w Cold rocker
Pete Lawrie ; Panic (George Lenton Remix)
George Lenton ; Action ft Perkie
George Lenton ; Beware
George Lenton ; Jungle whomp
George Lenton ; Someshine ft Alex Mercer
MGMT ; Weekend wars (George Lenton remix)
George Lenton ; Troll
George Lenton ; Cold Rocker 808 mix
George Lenton ; Slow rocker vs Shook ones vs No Diggity vs Dub be good to me
Dead Prez ; hip hop
Dead Prez ; Hip Hop ( diplo remix )
Stagga ; Sick as sin vs Still bigger than hip hop vs Bird flu
Sub Focus ; World of hurt
Clipz and die ; Work it Out dub vs Jungle Brother
Shockone ; the sun vs jungle brother
Chase and Status ; Music Club vs jungle brother
Culture Shock ; Imax
High Contrast ; Racing green
The Qemists ; Stomp Box

And then of COURSE there's his awesome Banksy inspired videos, I love these vids, enjoy:

George Lenton gig dates: 28th oct ; original mash @ the lab, bristol
18th november & 16th december ; SOME @ the den, london.

Very cool weekend was had by myself, tempered slightly by a bad result against liverfool, but hey, shit happens and we will STILL win the league and overtake their 18 titles!!!! That will be the highlight of their season as opposed to ours which will be many and victorious!!! Also, fortunately it keeps benitez in a job which is great for us as everyone knows that liverfool won't win anything with benitez in charge!
Spent time with family, saw my lovely girlfriend (she is awesome). Spent time with friends, carried on with my cleaning up process of my life, all in all a great weekend (except for that damn result!).
OOOOH, I got a new mattress, YAAAAAAAY!!!
My fridge comes soon as well, now all I have to do is fix my damn television which blew when those fucks stole the Earth Cable from the sub-station over the road from my house and sent a 500mHz power spike through the entire neighbourhood which blew ALL the transformers in our house including my fucking awesome (and expensive) flat screen television!!! Fucking bastards!!! ALSO, my mixer is fucked, I watched this unbelievable video below and got all inspired to do some turntablist djing again which I havent done for a few years, turned on my fucking mixer and its ALSO blown, so BOTH my mixers are now fucked!!! ANYHOO, my GOOD friend Christopher Keyes (damn fine DJ) is letting me use his old Gemini 626, which is cool, I used to have one of them as well a few years back and they are STILL solid, no frills, just straight forward good mixer! So thanks Christopher:)
In the mean time, check out this awesome vid of Dj Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5 (still one of my favourite hip hop crews) doing the Rubberband trick, it's INSANE!!!

Dj Nu-Mark interview from 2004

Cool peeps, hopefully there will be some more goodies coming your way this week, as I get them, I will post them.....much love and peace to all of you.....thanks for your support, I never take time to thank all of you, so thanks, I am LOVING my blog and I hope you guys do too

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