Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NEW Kitsune 8 Teaser, Andrew Weatherall, Datarock

Saw these guys at the Camden Crawl in London in May, fucking fantastic!!!
The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Radio Edit)
Remixes by Chairlift and CFCF accompany the original Datarock track “The Pretender”—heavy with rock riffs and chants—but it’s this fine Holy Ghost! flip that’s got our arms in the air. Favoring disco-grit and low-throat vocoders, it sounds like what Grandmaster Flash would ghetto-blast on the 5 train in to see Herbie Hancock.
Datarock - The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Radio Edit)
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More Music: More Datarock Music

Andrew Weatherall
Walk Of Shame
During the late eighties and nineties, Andrew Weatherall was something of a bridge between rock bands and the then-climaxing rave scene, working with Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine and others on a string of productions and remixes that were headily epic and impeccably engineered. “Walk Of Shame” is a leaden balearic tune with elements emerging from the expansive ether, it’s classically Weatherall
Andrew Weatherall - Walk Of Shame
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Then a teaser vid for Kitsune 8:

Kitsune MySpazz

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