Thursday, October 22, 2009

NEW Yacht, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 10Rapid, The Very Best, Riva Starr, Bodega Girls,Lissy Trullie, and then some stupid Germans

SOOOO, I've been a bit lazy and preoccupied this past week to do any blogging for y'all, so I thought I'd quickly put some stuff together for you, a new Yeah Yeah Yeah's remix, yaaaaaaaaay and then some interesting stories below, and to the german one, FUCK YOU, you haven't even BEEN to SA, how would you know if they need to wear bullet vests you fucking moron cock!!!

Arctic Seas Vanishing

Messed up Hammer story


THAT German story nobs

Waste of Time (Dub)
Chew on this dangerously addictive dub version of “Waste of Time” and dance
around like you know you want to.
YACHT - Waste of Time (Dub)

Lissy Trullie
Don’t To Do
Aside from being another perfectly taut slab of Squeezean pop-rock, “Don’t To Do” is one of the four added bonus tracks on Lissy Trullie’s Self-Taught Learner re-release, out now.
Lissy Trullie - Don’t To Do
Lissy Trullie MySpazz

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Club Edit)
As they did with “Zero,” the Yeahs collected a bunch of versions of “Heads Will Roll,” though for some reason or another A-Trak’s didn’t surface until now. It was worth the wait—as tasteful and restrained a club flip can be—and could probably win an award for most quickly reblogged track of 2009 or something.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Club Edit)
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Web The Remix Company Web

Bodega Girls
Ain’t That Cold
And so, after remixes and un-PC song titles, it was “Ain’t That Cold” that clarified for us that Boston’s Bodega Girls are basically (awesomely) dancefloor scions of the Afghan Whigs, a band doing soul music as smutty warehouse disco.
Bodega Girls - Ain’t That Cold
Bodega Girls MySpazz

The Very Best
Julia (feat. Kano)
“Julia” is a springy, jocular romp of a track that kind of sounds like what Madness or The Specials might have made if they recorded their first album in 2009.
The Very Best - Julia (feat. Kano)
The Very Best MySpazz

Riva Starr
“FanfarOne” was apparently made after a gig in Romania, where Riva had been hanging with “proper Gypsy dudes” and found himself exploring an underground market loaded with weird instruments and old records. Certainly sounds like a plausible back story.
Riva Starr - FanfarOne
Riva Starr Web

And then 10Rapid sent me this:
Duck Sauce - Anyway (10Rapid Remix)
And Kinetika Records sent me this cool mixtape for ya:
Dj Ody Roc Back To The Future MIXTAPE
And Girlie Action sent this to me!:
Yura Yura Teikoku - Dekinai (Right Click Save As)

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