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Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing: GEORGE LENTON

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you George Lenton, I wanted to do a feature on him a while back when I got his awesome King Blues remix but there was no info, however, he contacted me and has kindly allowed me to share some of his genius with you, AND he can also tell you a bit about himself in his own words. SERIOUSLY nice guy to boot!! Give him love on his GEORGE LENTON MySpace page

This is what he has to say:
i started off djing, decided id actually learn the decks rather than just mix on them and ended up doing a few comps, dmc's, a couple of battle's in london and whatnot. However, i got bored of the battle scene and the boring geeky gigs that went with it, so i stopped all that and got into band stuff. I started helping out a band with their backing tracks live and little bits of keys and stuff. I also got bored of this, band politics were absolutely stupid, there was loads of bitching and i wasnt really getting to do anything that creative, so left in spring 2008.

After that i really got into producing my own stuff and taking it more seriously. SBPM was the first track that i made on the promo, and was originally a piss take but i sort of got into it :P ha ( although i messed up all the folders and never got chance to mix it down properly! probably sounds better messy anyway...) SBPM got played on radio 1 and so have some of the others off the promo, the yelle remix was given the thumbs up from tepr and yelle themselves and the king blues remix was also approved by the band.

So since then ive just been making beats! Im not too sure what catagory id put myself under, obviously some of its electro, but that doesnt really apply to me, just some of the stuff ive made up to date. I really like dubstep and have a couple of tracks lined up at the mo. This year id like to start gigging again as a dj, but off the back of my productions rather than just scratching.



KING BLUES vs GEORGE LENTON - Come fi di (George Lenton Remix)


GEORGE LENTON vs YELLE - Je Veux te Voir Rmx




PLUS a brand NEW remix of MGMT he has just completed and popped into my little box for your listening pleasure AND mine
MGMT - Weekend Wars (GEORGE LENTON Remix)

Contact him on his MySpace page if you want him to Dj and also do any remix work!

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