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Monday, February 23, 2009

Tonights Show featuring Air, Cutout Collective, George Lenton, Heloise and Savior Faire, Radiohead, Ladyhawke, KinKies, We Smoke Fags, DFA 79

Air vs Jay-Z – Napalm Love vs 99 Problems (Email Chekkerrr vs Destrukto vs Infidel Gin In My Pocket Mix)
This is the debut of my first ever mix, did this with the genius Tim Apter aka Email Chekkerr as well as Adrian aka Infidel, there was beer involved. LOTS of beer
Kylie Minogue – Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)
This still has to be one of the sexiest songs ever made, Kylie is at her sultry best all grooved up and made even better by the Chem’s, doing what they do best

Gwen Stefanie vs Neil Diamond – Hollaback Girl vs Girl, You’ll be… (Glory Hole Remix)
Glory Hole Dj’s mash up, mostly Neil Diamond with his classic, check my previous post on theGlory Hole Dj’s and you can download this sweet track por NADA

George Lenton – KOSHON
The awesome Mr Lenton dishes up an electro dubstep thriller for y’all, ALSO check out my previous post for this and other tracks of his
Crookers – What Up Y’all (Dirty Disco Youth Rmx)
Unbelievable Dubstep positively melts the speakers
Ghislain Poirier ft MC Zulu – Go Ballistic (Wild Life Re-Rub)
Some more Dubstep with a Dancehall bent, Go Ballistic? I did!!
Radiohead – Climbing up the Walls (Fila Brazillia mix)
Sunday afternoon dub chiller from Fila Brazillia making this Radiohead slice of awesomeness even more awesome.
La Roux – In For The Kill (Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix)
Lovely chilled slow builder that kicks in really well towards the end, lovely
Ladyhawke – Womanizer
Pip covers Brittney, acoustic and violins, LOVELY, she adds an understated menace, but in that sweet inimitable way that she does

Van She – Kelly (M83 Rmx)
This is beautiful, long, sweeping, heart wrenching,
Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Mr Vega Remix)
This and the Boys Noize remix are the two best remixes of this track floating around, had me grooving away in the studio
Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Alec Metric Rmx)
Well, she did a cover earlier, why not an original all mixed up Alec Metric styley? All is right with the world!!
DFA 1979 – Go Home, Get Down
Haven’t played a Death From Above 1979 song for a while, thought I’d wake you all up from my chilled first hour and what better way than the wall of genius sound that was DFA 1979, PLEASE reform guys, we love you, we REALLY do!!!

George Lenton – Your Love (Rmx)
Well, another slice of awesomeness from George who is one of the nicest people like EVER, if any of you want to get anymore of his music, head on over to his MySpazz page, give him love!!!
Tiga vs Jack Frost – Mind Shout (Tronik Youth Remix)
This track is definitely being over remixed, there seems to be a new remix of it every second day, HOWEVER, most of them are great and this one is no exception, but guys, enough now, I am sure there are other songs to remix out there
KinKies – Tokyo Arcade Mode
A Japanese Electro band that Raps in French, whatever next???
The Constellations
– We’re Here To Save The Day (Pocket Rmx)
Synth Pop delight this, SOOO cool!!
Heloise and Savoir Faire – Odyle (James Pants Rmx)
These Brooklyn based peeps are going to be big, check this video out

Breakbot – Penelope Pitstop
Bass from heaven, funky and toe-tapping, yeah!!
We Smoke Fags – Eastenders (La Mode Remix)
Indie Electro Punk, “You’ve got bad ideas”….indeed
Justice – Carpates
This is from the Waters of Nazareth cd, it’s Justice, I have been listening to the Across… CD all weekend, HOLY CRAP!!!!! BUY IT, BUY IT NOW!!!
Theatre of Disco – Party at Plato’s
Nice Indie pop from AUSTRALIA (thanks Too Many Sebastians for correcting me:)) Theatre of Disco, Australia and Japan are exploding at the moment, check out this cool blog that you can get a lot of that sort of stuff from Too Many Sebastians
Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven (Real Soulwax Mix)
Soulwax takes on the original master….who comes out the winner???
The Presets – Kicking and Screaming
From the ever surprising and brilliant Apocalypso, these dudes are about to conquer America, end of…
Cutout Collective – Fossils
Deconstruction’s very own Cutout Collective from their up and coming EP, drips with awesomeness, world domination is the next step….you have been warned
The Faint – Psycho
From the brilliant Fasciination album, love gone wrong, SOOO very wrong
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (Neon Neon Mix)
These guys are also all over the place at the moment, they probably feel like they are Walking on a Dream at the moment, hoho, couldn’t resist….SOOOO bad, I know, but I will NOT apologise, it’s MY bad sense of humour and I am PROUD of it
Coldplay – Clocks (Royksopp Instr)
Nigh on unrecognisable, Royksopp, what more can I say? Sounds like there will be a SECOND new album soon???

Heloise and Savior Faire , Theatre of Disco , Air , Kylie Minogue , George Lenton , Crookers , Ghislain Poirier , Radiohead , Fila Brazillia , La Roux , Ladyhawke , Van She , Royksopp , DFA 1979 , Tiga , Breakbot , KinKies , We Smoke Fags , Justice , Walter Murphy , The Presets , Cutout Collective , The Faint , Empire of the Sun , Coldplay , The Constellations

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