Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Modular News

The 3rd album from New York’s finest Yeah Yeah Yeahs is to be titled It’s Blitz! and is due to be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet on April 10. The album will be preceded by the single Zero which shows the band on their most electronic, experimental tip to date, with the inimitable Yeah Yeah Yeahs bombast flecked with swatches of synths and atmospheric effects.

According to the band, It’s Blitz! was inspired by the ’70s disco collaborations between Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and R&B songstress Donna Summer, Joy Division, and, well, Karen O’s love of dancing, and these all come through in their own YYY-warped way on the record.

It’s Blitz! was recorded across a number of studios across the states with production duties shared by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek and Nick Launay (Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, INXS), and captures a band at the height of their powers and completely owning a gallant new direction.

Stay tuned for Zero on your radio next week.

If I Know You represents one of the more sublimely opulent moments from the multi award winning second album by The Presets, Apocalypso. Built from a somber chord progression and poignant tale of bitterness and lessons learned, If I Know You echoes of lonely night drives, dancing in the forest and the feeling of gallantly marching away from a spiteful lover.

To recreate the emotionally resonant atmosphere of the song on film, The Presets enlisted French director Eva Husson (who directed the acclaimed short for M83’s Kim and Jessie last year) to weave a poetic LA dream sequence of fire and dance, which you can view on their MySpace.
Remixes of If I Know You come courtesy of Tom Middleton, Heartbreak, Vince Clark and Chaim, with a hypnotic cover by Tania & Jori.

Swedish songstress Robyn has just released a 3 track live EP exclusive to iTunes. With acoustic versions of Be Mine, With Every Heartbeat and Bum Like You and at only $4, forgo the coffee tomorrow morning and let this twinkle your morning

"Hello internet friends / fans / people vaguely interested. We are a psychedelic rock band called Tame Impala. We’re really good and awesome and we like to play gigs in paddocks and other large areas of grass in the sun. We like to record music at home. We wrote a bio a while ago but lost it, I’ll put it up when I find it." They’re also (now) proud parents of a brand spanking new blog, a place to keep you up to date on their local and soon to be global happenings alongside things they’re checking and stumbling upon. Good times.

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