Monday, February 2, 2009

Tonights Show we chat all things MTV.alt, tracks from Midfield General, DAF, Hot Chip does Joy Division, Audion, Chemical Brothers, Presets....

SOOOO, tonights show I have some WICKED cool new music from the likes of LCD Soundsystem, The Guilty Hands, FrYars, Midfield General etc, AND I have Adrian, Malcolm and Nicola in the studio talking about MTV.alt which we are geting involved with, check it out:)

D.A.F. – Der Mussolini
Absolute dancefloor classic all Teutonic like and Krautrocky….absolute stormer from my youth…
The Guilty Hands – Gregory and the Birds (The Release Stranger to Love Mix)
Yes, I know I played it a few weeks back, but it’s such a great track and you can download it here
Hot Chip – Transmission (Joy Division Cover)

Hot Chip doing Joy Division??? Whatever next??? Mighty fine version with a healthy nod towards the dark original done in them Chippy’s inimitable style….
Booka Shade – Outskirts (Trentemoller Mix)
Quite possibly the prettiest track I have heard in ages….was playing at a pub lounge restaurant type thingy on saterday and this went down a treat
Peter Bjorn and John – Lay it Down (Golden Filter Rmx)
Another day another Peter Bjorn and John remix, lovely
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax 2 many dj’s Remix)

I did not think that this track could get any more ballsy and big and beaty however them Belgians certainly know how to flesh out the beats and holy crap what a great remix…almost heading into Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up territory
Audion – Noiser (Mary Velo Remix)
Absolutely lovely Mary Velo Remix of Matthew Dear’s side project, the warmest bassline ever catches fire
Heloise Savior Faire – Illusions (Filthy Dukes Rmx)
Brilliant track all Filthied up and ready for the dancefloor
LCD Soundsystem – Where is Love?
Apparently he doesn’t even like this track, well I disagree, I think it is the best thing he has written in ages, all disco and driven
Trash Yourself and Toxic Avenger – Song 2 (Richard Vission and Robert Chang Re-Work)
Thanks John, this remix is amazing, brings more elements of the original in and gives Heidi’s vocals more prominence
Capsule – Flashback
Cool track from Japan's Electronica act Capsule, blissful in my humble opinion

Midfield General – Love thyself (Tronik Youth Remix)
Tronik Youth takes this Midfield General track to a new level…Love Thyself indeed, nothing wrong with a bit of narcissism early in the morning, ee aye ee aye oh…. (anyone get that musical reference, message me….I promise to be impressed
Lilly Allen – The Fear (The Count Saves Lilly Allen From The Fear remix)
Can this lady do anything wrong at the moment? All dubsteppy and grimey and lovely and Lilly like
FrYars – Visitors (feat David Gahan)
This track takes Sir Mode back to 80’s territory, even his vocal delivery takes it back into that territory, tres cool!
Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Blackflight Flashlight Remix)

I’m in Love with the Disco Siren, features Vila from my new favourite Bumblebeez, genius……. Yeah, suck on THAT senor, hahahhah, you know who you are….
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus
Track seven of the album, Johnny’s second last ever if I remember correctly, making Le Mode all honky tonk, Johnny Cash, a complete nutter and a complete genius
Jace Everrett – Bad Things
Yay cool Americana, thanks Malcolm, a lovely addition
The Faint – I Treat You Wrong
Fasciination track….fascinating band…awesome track….yay for the Faint (also track 7 of the cd)
Presets – Talk Like that (An Optimo Espacio Remix)
And completing the track 7 trilogy, thank you Nicola, Adrian and Malcolm, is this stroke of Aussie genius all Jd Twitch’d out, did I mention that they were amazing at Nevereverland? They have just announced that they will be playing Coachella this year, lucky Americans
Winx – Don’t Laugh
NOW we have to get all ravey on your asses, freaking fantastic… first heard this on a dancefloor in the mid 90’s whilst smangled off ones face, as one tended to do back then, well, once the laughing began, holy crap…the entire rave (about 4 thousand lumo nutters) went off, laughed for days after that….thank you Winx, a great night
Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Knife side project given the Fuck Buttons treatment, dark and Dead Can Dance style, isn’t going to be mainstream, but they do have their cult status well in check
Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Dub)
STILL the coolest mix of her recent outing, long and thankfully so….welcome back Mizz Jones, you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me!

D.A.F. , Hot Chip , Booka Shade , Trentemoller , Peter Bjorn and John , The Chemical Brothers , Mary Velo , Heloise and Savor Faire , LCD Soundsystem , TRASH YOURSELF! , The Toxic Avenger , Capsule , Tronik Youth , Lilly Allen , FrYars , Johnny Cash , Jace Everett , The Faint , The Presets , Josh Wink/Winx , Fever Ray , The Fuck Buttons , Grace Jones

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