Friday, January 30, 2009

Electrotrash Poll **UPDATE**

Mon Ami's Rick Disco and Dirtyolman Themba of the terminally cool Electrotrash want you to go and vote in their Top 5 List of SA Electronica thingymabob. Please do, it would make all of them SOOO happy, and then I would be happy, then you would all be happy! See, spreading happiness begins at, aint life grand?
You can vote for the likes of Richard the IIIrd and Kliktrak as well as the twisted MtKidU etc....
We want to know who your Top 5 favourite artists on the site are! We have twenty two artists that you can download music from in our Downloads section so head on over there, download, listen ,decide!

Click on “Read the rest of this entry to access the poll and vote now! All you have to do is select your five favourite artists from the list and click on Vote at the bottom of the post! The poll ends at midday on 1 February 2009!

Check it, you only have a few days left!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!!! THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

MANY of you have cast your vote in our “Who are your Top 5 electrotrash artists?” poll. The Top Five are as follows:

Richard The Third
DJ Lapse
Jacob Israel
Congratulations to you folks! It was awesome to see that a lot of the new artists on the site got quite a few votes as well (special mention to Haezer and ScarCream)… So thank you all for voting. We will have to run this poll again sometime as we have new artists on the site all the time, so stay tuned!

To see the full result of the poll… go to the Electrotrash page, link found to your left on the page (no, the OTHER left silly!!!!!)

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