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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whitest Boy Alive new album Rules

One of the coolest and surprising bands at the Nevereverland festival were the German band Whitest Boy Alive. They came on and without me knowing it I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time they were playing. I have no doubt that they featured many of these tracks here because I didn't recognise many of the tracks they played, and as I do have Dreams, I can only suppose that they were mostly the new tracks, which were brilliant. My favourite part of their set was when the keyboardist picked up his synth and played it rock guitar style to a rapturous response from an adoring crowd. He even had a bad 'tache too, God bless his little cotton socks. The singer, tall and gangly with a cool Ginger mop-top worked the crowd like a seasoned prefessional, it was a highlight of a concert filled with many highlights!

Artist: Whitest Boy Alive
Title: Rules
Genre: Minimalist Pop, indie pop
Label: Bubbles Records

"The album will follow up their well received 2006 debut Dreams, and takes its title due to the fact that each and every track describes a different rule. No word yet if one of those rules is "make a hit single," but we do know that according to the band that this time around they've taken a more organic approach to recording, with all of the tracks being recorded live with no overdubs or additional effects."

01. Keep a Secret
02. Intentions
03. Courage

04. Timebomb
05. Rollercoaster Ride
06. High On The Heels
07. 1517
08. Gravity
09. Promise Less Or Do More
10. Dead End
11. Island

Thanks Faisal:)

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