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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tonights show featuring Kylie, Robyn, Bomb the Bass, Elements of Noise, Proxy, Fancy, Lykke Li, The Faint, Alien Sex Fiend

Kylie Minogue – Slow (MONSTR Rmx)
The coolest song by the gorgeous Kylie, MONSTR give it a cool electro retro twist, one of the sexiest songs ever ….skip a beat and move with the body…..
Heads We Dance – Computer Love (Kraftwerk Cover)
Cool cover version of Kraftwerks classic, stays true to the original, nice minimal treatment
Elements of Noise – Cold Rock a Party (Prepmode edit)
DJ Simple Simon otherwise known as PREPMODE gives his awesome editing treatment to MC Lyte with Elements of Noise….Fucking you up…… yo, STOMPER, just a quick edit he pushed out for a party he was playing at this past weekend, which I am sure was awesome
Digitalism – Home Zone (Proxy Rmx)
Fantastic Proxy remix…We Have The Biggest Party EVER
Fairmont – Gazebo (Joe and Will Ask? Rmx)
Wobbly bass, GOD I love wobbly bass….twisted mover this one, can’t wait to drop it on an unsuspecting crowd
Human Resource – Dominator (Herve Remix)

Fidget God Herve does his damndest to improve on an already awesome track, Herve production = genius
Fancy – D.A.N.C.E. (Do the F.A.N.C.Y.)
Cover of Justice by Fancy, a German band that has toured with Justice, fun!!
Siriusmo – Simple
Boys Noize’s Siriusmo with a simple understated slice of electro brilliance, channelling Kraftwerk….lovely
The Anomalies – Bamboo Beats
From the Clash magazine October 2008 cd, grimey and dirty Brit hip hop, just the way I like it
The Bamboos – Strange Girl
From the Clash magazine November 2008 cd…Bamboo Beats to Bamboos, bamboozled? 60’s chic good times roll on
Au Revoire Simone – A Violent Yet Flammable World (Montag Rmx)

New Yorks finest, BEAUTIFUL song, been around for a bit, played it before, and I will play it again….DAMMNIT..Emily Haines spiritual sister
Bloc Party – One month off (Metal on Metal remake)]
Bloc Party is awesome, Metal on Metal is awesome, put them together and there shall only be awesomeness, YOU TWO, GO STAND IN THE AWESOME CORNER
Lykke Li – Little Bit (Klumpfisk Rmx)
AWESOME track, played the Young Folks mix they did a while back, this is another reason why Klumpfisk should be worshiped, go ahead, get on your knees….
Juam MacLean – AD 2003
DFA genius, this electronic album is astounding…nuff said

Donovan – Breakin’ (Charlie Fanclub Rmx)
Breakin all the rules and makin shit up….. yeah,
The Faint – Get Seduced

From the brilliant Fasciination album of last year
Proxy – Decoy

Proving that their originals are as fantastic as their remix work
Crystal Castles – Air War (Joe & Will Ask? Rmx)
Another stomper mix from the Joe and Will Ask? crew of Crystal Castles Air War
Bomb the Bass – Burn the Bunker (Toob’s Whatgoesoninhemsbystaysinhemsby mix)
Future Chaos from Tim Simenon getting some help from up and coming Toob, its deep and dark and fried
Favretto ft Naan – What’s you name> (LA Riots Rmx)
Bomb the Bass – So Special (Specialized by Michael Fakesch)
Couldn’t resist, SOOOO special is what this album is….
Lilly Allen – The Fear (Death Metal Disco Scene Rmx)
Nice DiscoClash bass heavy remix, gotta love them DMDS mofo’s…
Electrocute – Two Lane Blacktop
LA Based Indie rock glam chic’s yeah, from 2004’s Troublesome Bubblegum
Tones on Tail – Go! (Club Mix)
Daniel Ash and co with this dance-floor classic from 1984, Moby sampled this for his Go Smash hit in the early 90’s
Alien Sex Fiend – Hurrican Fighter Plane
From around about 1986 classic Nik Fiend, for Keren, whe has been rediscovering them Fiends….
Robyn – Cobrastyle (Mason Vocal Mix)
Means business this track, driving Frankie style bass…Trevor Horn would have been proud

Kylie , Heads We Dance , Elements of Noise , Prepmode , Digitalism , Proxy , Fairmont , Herve , Siriusmo ,
The Anomalies , The Bamboos , Au Revoir Simone , Bloc Party , metal on metal , Lykke Li , Klumpfisk , Juan MacLean, Donovan , breakin , The Faint , Proxy , Crystal Castles , Joe and Will Ask? , Bomb the Bass , Favretto , Lilly Allen , Death Metal Disco Scene , Electrocute , Tones on Tail , Alien Sex Fiend , Robyn ,

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