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Monday, January 19, 2009


YES, it's another Depeche Mode post in the space of three days, I guess I am excited that I am gong to see them on the 30th May in London and that their is a new Album on the way!!!
Few things excite me more than an awesome vinyl find!! Today I went to a flea market to look around and came across my friend Shaun’s store. Vinyl crates are to me like war is to George Bush, irresistible!! Soon I was flicking through vinyl after vinyl and this is what I found:
Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease 12” (Remixed Extended Version) b side – Flexible (Remixed Extended Version
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts/Nothing b side – Sacred/A Question of Lust

Depeche Mode – People are People (Different Mix) b side – In Your Memory (Slik Mix)

Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours b side – Somebody, Two Minute Warning, Ice Machine, Everything Counts (Recorded Live Empire Theatre Liverpool 29/09/1984
Depeche Mode – Love In Itself . 2 b side – Just Can’t Get Enough, A Photograph of You, Shout, Photographic (Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon London 25/10/1982)
Depeche Mode – A Question of Time (Extended Remix by Mr Mix Master Phil Harding) b side – Black Celebration, Something to Do, Stripped (Recorded Live Birmingham N.E.C. 10/04/1986)

Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth (Beat Box) b side – Policy of Truth (Capitol Mix), Kaleid
Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Blind Mix), Pimpf b side – Strangelove (Pain Mix), Agent Orange
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence, Enjoy the Silence (Hands and Feet Mix) b side – Enjoy the Silence (Ecstatix Dub), Sibeling
Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel/Route 66 (Megamix), Behind the Wheel/Route 66 (Megadub) b side Behind the Wheel (Extended Remix), Behind the Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
Depeche Mode – A Question of Lust, Christmas Island (Extended) b side – People are People (Recorded Live: Basle Switzerland 30/11/1984), It Doesn’t Matter Two (Instrumental), A Question of Lust (Minimal)
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts) b side – Work Hard (East End Remix)
Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) b side – Pleasure Little Treasure (Glitter Mix), Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach), Dangerous (Sensual Mix), Personal Jesus (Accoustic) b side – Route 66 (Beatmasters Casualty Mix), Behind the Wheel/Route 66 (Megamix)
Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease (Remixed Extended Version), Flexible (Remixed Extended Version) b side – Shake the Disease (Edit the Shake), Master and Servant (Live)
Depeche Mode – Master and Servant (Slavery Whip Mix) b side – (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix), Master and Servant (Voxless)Master and Servant Lyrics
And FINALLY David Bowie – Station to Station Side 1: Station to Station, Golden Years, Word on a Wing Side 2: TVC 15, Stay, Wild is the Wind

Naturally all of this set me back a fair amount at the last part of the month before payday, but Fuck it, it’s Depeche Mode and 1 David Bowie…what’s a man to do? This adds to my already extensive Depeche Mode Collection on vinyl and CD. AND, it gets better, I got my tickets for Depeche Mode at the O2 stadium in London on the 30th May on their world tour supporting the new album!! 30th May also happens to be my birthday, AWESOME opportunity. I will be going with my best friend Everard and his wife Jeanette, I haven’t seen him since 2005 when I was there to see Nine Inch Nails, I was there when the bombs went off in the Tubes, Everard and I were in one of the ones behind one of the ones which was hit, we missed it by 4 minutes, freaky and scary!!

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