Monday, January 12, 2009

Tonights Show featuring The Model, Royksopp, Guilty Hands, Trumpdisco, Benga, Daft Punk, Justice, j-Pop, Evil Nine, Rick Astley

The Model – Wicked Game
Really awesome reworking of the Chris Isaak classic from the early 90’s. “Why have you chosen this journey back in time in particular?
t was johnny's idea to record Wicked Game. he's our master producer and drummer extraordinary. he heard it in the car one day and thought we could do it a little more fun and slightly more repressed then the original, which is magical. i don't think we do magical, but fun and repressed”
Freezepop – Only You
Lovely reworking too of the Yazoo classic from their 1983 2nd album You and Me Both. Stunning cover version that inject new life into a timeless classic
Royksopp – Happy Birthday
Really cool new filler track from Royskopp, available for free download on their website. This is purely because they had their birthday and wanted to give us all a gift, what nice people. Is it Bill Clinton saying Happy Birthday?
Guilty Hands – Gregory and the Birds (Stranger to Love mix edit)
REALLY cool indie track from the London 4 piece, check my previous post on them
Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks (Klumpfisk Remix)
Amazing remix of the Peter Bjorn and John floorfiller, completely reworking and reconstructing the song with some cool Japanesey samples too boot, I think I’m turning Japanese…… I really think so…
Mr Oizo – Hun (Trumpdisco Rmx)
Melbourne’s remix duo with another brilliant remix of an already cool Mr Oizo track
Trumpdisco – Paranoid
Original track from the Trumpdisco stable, low down and dirty electro the way I love it
Benga – Someone 20
Taken from his new album Diary of an Afro Warrior, this stellar piece of Dubstep genius never left my car stereo for 2 weeks, AWESOME
Justice – We are your friends (Reprise)
From the A Cross the Universe live set, there’s a cool doccy as well, read my previous post
Daft Punk – Da Funk
The original genius French duo with their breakout smash, I can never get enough of this track

The Young Punx – The Clapping Song
Young Punx take on a Belle Stars classic from the 80’s which in itself was a cover of a 60’s hit, lovely breakbeaty take
Ladyhawke – Love Don’t Live Here
From her album, lovely song, did I mention how awesome she was live?
The Human League – Sound of the Crowd (Youth Attack re-rub)
CLASSIC old Human League track re-rubbed by Youth Attack, takes me back to my 80’s dancefloor experiences, and that’s a GOOD thing

Evil Nine – Twist the Knife feat Emily Breeze
From The Clash’s October cd, great rocky track…
ZZT – The Worm (Nima Tahmasebi aka NT89 Rmx)
Another deep dark and sexy electro romper from the crew that bought us their take on Josh Winx’s Higher State of Consciousness, with their Lower State of Consciousness
Trash Fashion – Beat Goes Around Trash Fashion are chucking dog-shit bombs around the disco and its more than you kitten-cuddling c*nts deserve! This record is brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Takako Minekawa – Fantastic Cat
Cool cool cool J-Pop cuteness, and you just KNOW that it’s a hotty singing (well at least in my head it is, hahahhah)
Ph.D – I won’t let you down (Toiletdisco remix)
Reworked classic from the Buffetlibredjs site
Girl Next Door – Jounetsu no Daishou (Shinichi Osawa Rmx)
Another cool J-Pop song remixed as only Shinichi Osawa can
Bling Cosby – Uh Oh Mr Sandman Goes To Bellville
Uh Oh meets Mr Sandman…….. could it really go wrong? NO!
Santogold – Guns of Brixton
The Clash classic covered lovingly and respectfully by the rising star that is Santogold
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Bobby /Diamond rmx)
Ghost Bees – Vampire of the West Coast
I LOVE the gypsey violins in this gothic folk song from these Canadians.
Monkey: Journey to the West – Monkey Bee (Diplo Rmx)
Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn’s latest project, very cool dub –reggae Diplo remix
Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah

Lovely remake of the Leonard Cohen song that everybody seems to be covering from X Factor winners to Tim Buckley….this one is my favourite of the new covers (next to Lord Nick’s version of course)
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
YAAAAAAAAY, STOP…..HAMMER TIME, if yer feet aint tappin, yer DEAD
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back

Quite possibly one of the most sexist songs ever, HOWEVER, it rocks SO hard, hahahah

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