Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Shows back again as of Monday

In case any of you were wondering, my shows will be back up on monday, the station closed down over the christmas and new years period (didn't let me know!!!), my first show will go up on monday morning and it will be filled with goodies from the past month I haven't been able to play yet. 2009 is going to be VERY busy with LOTS of new stuff happening here some SERIOUSLY exciting things going on, can anyone spell MTV Base? hmmmmmm......
We at Deconstruction have been working hard behind the scenes for the past year to set up the most awesome multi media stuff we can think of, and we can think of some cool shit yo!!!
There will be some exciting releases from Cutout Collective comeing SOON, people, you have been warned, the new EP is OFF THE HOOK, I have been featuring it for a while.... SOOOOOOO MADLY good! As well as a new Tale of the Son coming SOOOON, watch this space, they are SWEATING away in their respective recording studios making music for you, you, you and oh yes, YOU!

Meanwhile, whilst i am still at the mercy of CRAPPY WINDOWS VISTA where NONE of my programs like Ableton and Adobe WORK which means I can't record ANY sets at home at the moment, which sucks balls... here is an old mix I did AGES ago, when Shake a Fist was a new track THAT's how old it is, but I still think it's wicked cool, this year is the year I sort out my technical problems with new laptops etc....


Last year ended really badly for me which was why I went to Australia to try and make it a better ending, succeeding VERY admirably as Melbourne is AWESOME and Nevereverland was even AWESOMER and my fiends are the AWESOMEST (and that includes YOU)... so thanks to ALL of you for supporting my inane ramblings and for helping to make my little labour of love such a pleasure:) I promise to up the content and make it as cool as possible for ALL of you. Thanks especially to Simon (Prepmode), John (TRASH! YOURSELF), Izabella (Indie Dancefloor), Faizal (Ohh Crapp!!), The Chubby Fingers crew and ALL my readers as well as the cool bands that have contacted me and allowed me to post their work
2009 for world domination

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