Friday, February 12, 2010

Bubblegum Sci Fi remixes, Sick Boy, I'm Not A Band, Magnetic Fields, These Are Powers, The Secret Machines, Free Energy, Josh Winx, Benni Bennassi

On a somber tone, the world is mourning the death of Lee Alexander McQueen R.I.P.

SOOOOO, if you are one if the most famous gingers ever to walk the planet, and you are married to a superhot Dutch Model and you have your fourth child? What, pray tell do you call your son???
Ridiculous Celebrity Child Name Number 10 Bazillion and 1: Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker
Nice It’s a Musical Ginger Egg…..

Bubblegum Sci Fi sent me these for your Derelicte pleasure:
Check out the brand new Bubblegum Sci Fi remix of "I'm In The House" by Steve Aoki like you've never heard before!
DOWNLOAD Steve Aoki – I’m in the House (Bubblegum Sci Fi Remix)

In case you slept on the previous remixes...

Check out the Bubblegum Sci Fi remix of "The Reeling" by Passion Pit
DOWNLOAD Passion Pit – The Reeling (Bubblegum Sci Fi Remix)
(Reached #1 on The Hype Machine's popular charts November 09)

Bubblegum Sci Fi remix of "Night By Night" by Chromeo
DOWNLOAD Chromeo – Night by Night (Bubblegum Sci Fi Remix)

Then, from Kinetika: Sick Boy - Hysteria! (Motor Mix) Promo

I’m Not a Band sent me this:
I'm not a Band - Black Horses Mediafire
I'm not a Band - Black Horses Soundcloud
Thanks Stephan. Jana of the band is preggers so they are busy auditioning temp peeps to take over from her until she returns sproglet in hand

The Magnetic Fields
The Book Of Love
“The Book Of Love” was one of the ballad-y high points for The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs—lead brain Stephen Merritt plucking away at his ukulele and baritoning through a rumination on love’s accepted history. In the hands of most, that would be totally boring. Here, it’s anything but.
The Magnetic Fields - The Book Of Love
The Magnetic Fields Web

These Are Powers
World Class Peoples
Nigh on six minutes of propellant drone havoc here from Brooklyn trio These Are Powers, sounding like they’ve crammed a gang of electric eels into the innards of a jackhammer and/or used a particle accelerator as an instrument for club music.
These Are Powers - World Class Peoples
These Are Powers Web

The Secret Machines
Terrible Light
The Secret Machines get mental in this new orchestral rock b-side, where frontman Brandon Curtis gives his most swinging metal-lite to date. In “Terrible Light,” the drums lumber down, the electric wails seep black, and by final boom of the prog-rock stomp, you’ll vow never, ever to let these guys use your basement.
The Secret Machines - Terrible Light
The Secret Machines Web

Free Energy
Dark Trance
“Dark Trance” is the ballad of Stuck On Nothing, Free Energy’s still-forthcoming debut LP. There are doubled guitar lines and lines like “Kid, the love we got / The light we’re on / Burns bright tonight / Come on”, which means this is ready-made for our younger siblings’ prom night necking and our general, constant desire to regress to those times.
Free Energy - Dark Trance
Free Energy Mon Espacio

Thought I'd leave you with some classic vids:


And then my fave version of this track, I still pull it out of my vinyl box to play, ALWAYS goes down a storm

K, thanks for checking it out. For those of you in Joburg tomorrow afternoon from around 2:30 or so, Myself and the Klassikist will be playing tearjerking heartbreak music for the emotionaly stunted of you out there with no warm body to get sweaty with on Commerci.....ooooops Valentines day! Well, we will be playing our music, loud and obnoxious et al just for you!!
Have fun, have happiness and and have love....I love you all (some more than others)