Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Cloud I'm Under, Toob, Twizzle, Adam Green, Shy Child, Jacques Renault, Mux Mool, The Astroid Galaxy, Caribou, Spleen United, Spoek Mathambo

Umm, the kicking isn’t in your head…
Oh, and THIS woman is back, God help us all

She’s REAL special y’all HEY, I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM HERE……lol….moron

Best quote I have seen all day: “i read this thread, you all can #### my nuts!! you bring no insight!!! i spit on your haircuts!!!” I mean, “I Spit on your haircuts” HAHHAHAHAHH, genius

The Cloud I’m Under sent me their new EP to share with you, it’s only because they love you….repeatedly:
It’s inspired by songs from the 80’s….woohoo:
Breathing (Right Click Save As)
Don’t Ever Come Back (Right Click Save As)
Safety First (Right Click Save As)
Running Out of Air (Right Click Save As)
Bleeps For Days (Right Click Save As)
Seeing Into The Past (Right Click Save As)
Always Wanting More Right Click Save As

Then this from Nile-On (thanks Jodie):

Skydiving (Dub Mix)
Twizzle - Skydiving (Dubstep Mix)

Older stuff, from a week ago, haven’t had a chance to do them, so better late than never:

Adam Green
Castles And Tassels
For “Castles And Tassels,” Adam Green pairs a seemingly nonsensical, though thoroughly entertaining, narrative with boggy, mushrooming swamp-folk. If the Keebler elves threw house parties (tree parties?), this is what they would sound like.
Adam Green - Castles And Tassels
Adam Green MySpndex Adam Green Web

Shy Child
Disconnected (Ocelot Remix)
While Shy Child wait out the lead time for their new LP, Liquid Love, transatlantic beat partnership Ocelot affix their gaze on its new single, “Disconnected,” tastefully swapping crystallized chords for rolling, wormy arpeggios and a thicker, more mechanical backbone.
Shy Child - Disconnected (Ocelot Remix)
Shy Child Web

Chairlift - Evident Utensil (Jacques Renault Remix)
Jacques Renault Web

Mux Mool - Viking Funeral EP
The Astroids Galaxy – The Sun Aint Shining No More (33Hz Remix)

And last but not least, check this out:
AYOBA EP OUT! The ridiculously talented Spoek Mathambo’s new project, next week he is debuting it at the Alex Theatre, check out the Facebook Event

AND THEN, if you do not get the fantastic The Clash magazine, I would suggest that you do, PLUS you get an awesome monthly free bunch of music that you can download absolutely free, click on this link to register and then go and check out the music. I for one have discovered some amazing music through them.

Caribou - Odessa
Caribou Web

Spleen United - Suburbia (The Juan Maclean Remix)
Spleen United MySpandex
oh, one other thing, the fantastic peeps of Toob want you to have their awesome EP called Monkey Drummer, so ALL you have to do is go here sign up and you get the link sent to you, hey presto, it’s worth it, like L’Oreal. It’s only because they love you

WELL, phew, done....I will see what else transpires this week, if not I will be playing at Gin on sat afternoon from 4 till 9, shoud be fun

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