Friday, February 19, 2010

Rubix, Peo De Pitte, BRMC, Magic Wands, Lady Late, RLKT Freddie

Dalai Lama grants Obama an audience a REAL Nobel Peace Prize winner meets the pretender in his big white office (I actually like Obama but really, a Nobel Peace Prize now???? Give him two terms in office before you make such a foolish decision, he hasn't done anything yet, if anything he has sent MORE troops in and thats ANTI-peace)

Thank you Kinetika:
Dirty Disco Youth: Stupid Sound (DRLKT FREDDIE remix)
Sick Boy: Poptrash (Drlkt Freddie Thrills 'Em Remix)
DRLKT Freddie Mixtape

Thanks Rubix, always a pleasure to get stuff from you:
Bart B-More - Romane (Rubix Gypsey Remix)

Some awesome DnB:

Lady Late live @ festival CDLN 2009
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Go listen to some awesome DnB madness
DJ Lady Late

Thanks to the lovely Melissa:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Conscience Killer
With “Conscience Killer”, the trio fall back on the floorboard-rattling fuzz assault of their first two records, albeit with shades of the gospel-focused brilliance they found on 2005’s Howl. Basically, it’s classic B.R.M.C.—a retro-futurist blues canonball that will leave you completely blitzed and thoroughly converted.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Conscience Killer

Magic Wands
Warrior (The xx Remix)
This remix for Magic Wands’ “Warrior”, has been lovingly endowed by the xx’ers with drums that sound like huge cardboard boxes being beaten with mops. Also kinda sounds like that new Sade single, which is awesome.
Magic Wands - Warrior (The xx Remix)
The Magic Wands Mon Espacio

Allright, weekend is upon us and I for one am a happy little bunny that I can sleep in tomorrow, not that I am sleeping mind you, sleep at 11pm, wake up at 2am, sometimes earlier, like last night..10:30pm, wake up 11:30pm, sleep again then up 00:15am, then again at 3am then couldn't get back to sleep......sigh.......
Anyhoo, hope you all have LOADSA fun and be safe and full of love and peace and have a mad assed time. I am going to see Johnny Foreigner tomorrow night after I have played at Gin in the afternoon...ALSO people, That Random Asian Shop Ke Ai in Greenside has some AWESOME new stock, and I mean AWESOME, loadsa DOMO, and POPOBE, and Super Mario, and LOADSA stuffies to make your Asian heart go...............
Till next week,
and carrots