Monday, February 8, 2010

New stuff tomorrow (Massive Attack, Yeasayer Alan Wilkis Remix, Hot Chip, Heroes of Popular Wars) I lied, there's stuff today as well...

Music has been piling up in my inbox, I am procrastinating, yes, I know, but Ihave had a hectic few days: Was sitting at a bar on thursday, my fiend Aragorn walks past and says, "Hey Greg, my dj for my Balkanarky party on Friday night has pulled out, can you play?" "Why of Course Aragorn, I will".....naturaly I don't have any Balkan music, SOOOO, a day of downloading and searching ensued.....
Thursday night we pop into Kitcheners after drinking in first Greenside, then the fanTASTic Bowling club...walk in Andrew the DJ says..."Greg, my dj hasn't pitched, can you play?" "Why YES Andrew, of course I will", I go to my car and get my music and play acool set untill the actual DJ pitches.
Friday night comes, Greg storms it, gets the peeps jumping and screaming to my freshly d/loaded and new to me tracks at the Balkanarky party. An awesome time was had by all.
Saurday morning comes along, phone's Cavan, new owner of Gin "Greg, I know it's short notice but the response from last few weeks has been so phenomenal can you guys now play at Gin every Sat afternoon?" to whit, Response: "Why of COURSE Cavan, I would love to" so yes, played there.....thats not the end of it though, as on FRIDAY my good friend Dom reminded me of a drunken convo a week or so before stating that I would play at Kitcheners on Sat night before and after some band called Jozi Allstars...whom turned out to suck balls really, dreadful....nice people though....ANYHOO, the long and the short of it was that I played there as well after Gin, and rocked it out too, in fact peeps wanted me to play on instead of the band, hahahhaahahaha, at least their back-up dancers were entertaining. Some journo asked my details as he loved what I was doing and was REALLY surprised that I don't have a CD out......anyhoo, what comes with DJing is LOTS of free drinks...AND coupled together with the fact that I have for over a week not been taking my Anti - Depo pills (by choice, fuckem) I am feeling a bit fragile...naturaly, I was still able to go and play my weekly tennis match against my brother at 8am on sunday morning (25km drive from my home) AND tonight I am playing indoor football with my mates, AND spent a large part of yesterday afternoon into evening drinking lots again at an awesome Mexican restaurant and then again at the Bowling Club....I may just be superhuman afterall.
Well, another week up ahead, not sure what else will go on in my life, but rest assured that it WILL be random and it WILL be exciting.
Well, this diatribe serves to state as to why I am late with my blog and have been sitting on all the lovely music, but FEAR NOT,I will be posting all the lovely music for you tomorrow.....
In the mean time, have this: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat Hope Sandoval (Gui Borrato Mix) and of course I couldn't let you all go now without giving you THIS new nugget of awesomeness from Hot Chip called Take It In and of course there's the insanely talented Alan Wilkis has sent me his wicked new remix of Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (Alan Wilkis Remix) AND Heroes of Popular Wars sent me this cool new vid of their new track "It's A Doozy"

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