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Monday, March 16, 2009

Black Drawing Chalks plus MANY others, we love you long time....repeatedly

Black Drawing Chalks' three paragraph "bio" is pretty clear. These are four Brazilian dudes who like to drink and fuck. When you think of Brazil (and ignore the favelas) it's pretty easy to focus on drinking and fucking too. And Black Drawing Chalks churn out music made for drinking and fucking. This is off-the-hook, no nonsense rock of the heavy kind, crunching guitars, undeniably loaded bass, unrelenting thrashing drums and the kind of sneering vocal that can only be delivered by someone who is serious when he says, "I'm a beast, I'm a gun." Black Drawing Chalks are playing two more shows in Canada before fleeing the cold to return to South America; if you're north of the border, you'd be crazy not to get sweaty with this foursome.

Black Drawing Chalks - Free from Desire
Black Drawing Chalks - I'm a Beast Im a Gun
Black Drawing Chalks - My Favorite Way
Black Drawing Chalks

AND, because I love you and so too does RCRDLBL:
Glass Candy - Life After Sundown ERock Remix
BARR - R Is For Right Now ERock Remix
Glass Candy - Life After Sundown (eRock Mix)
Tahiti Boy the Palmtree Family - 1973 Para One Remix
Alaska In Winter - Berlin
Alaska In Winter - Berlin Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix
Our Broken Garden - Watermark
Our Broken Garden
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream Hong Kong Blondes Remix
Chris Cornell - Part of Me Steve Aoki Remix
SPA - Pets Dance Steve Aoki Remix
Steve Aoki - Metro Station - Control Weird Science Remix
Surf City - Dickshakers Union
Wheat - Raised Ranch Revolution
Live Fast Die - Pissing On The Mainframe
Live Fast Die - Can I Get Some More
Gliss - Beauty
Bosco Delrey - Space Junky
The Chap - Ethnic Instrument
Hungry Villagers - Tree Full Of Ghosts
Daedelus - Off to the Races Meanest Man Contests Remix feat Cuzzo
Jens Carelius - Summer Skin
The Secret History - It's Not the End of the World Jonah
Manatee Racket - Sarah Went to Cinema
Holiday For Strings - Two of You The Toxic Avenger Remix
Glasvegas - Go Square Go Reverend the Makers Remix
Gomez Mix

Phew, aren't YOU lucky???

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