Friday, March 6, 2009

Ohh Crapp

Very bad news for fellow Bloggers, everybodies favourite Blog Ohh Crapp's Faisal's laptop has died which means he cannot blog for a while which sucks! He has set up a PayPal account should anybody feel inclined to donate anything to his fund, I think that someone who puts so much awesomeness into his blog and who gets SOOO much awesome music for all of us deserves a break and also for people to help him out.
It's probably my favourite blog, my morning routine involves getting into work, putting on my computer, checking my blog and immediately checking Ohh Crapp because without fail there is ALWAYS something awesome there to get!! He has introduced me to a great deal of new and grounbreaking music, AND he loves Royksopp!!!! What's not to like:)
and Carrots
Greg (Destrukto)

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