Friday, March 27, 2009

Bot'ox and some tighty whiteys, HAHAHHAHAH

Rue de l’Aresnal,” is classical Bot’Ox—slow-speed chase music loaded with gooey synth phrases. Fellow Frenchie Yuksek got his hands dirty working on a remix for the b-side, kicking things up a few BPM and adding what has become a signature stamp of rotund, 4/4 electro-house rhythms.

Bot'ox MySpazz
Bot'oz - Arab Drift
From the album: Bot'ox
More songs from the album: Bot'ox - Rue de l'Arsenal
Bot'ox - Arab Drift

And then, behold the amazing beards and the tightest white pants this side of the North Pole, and lest we forget the Massive Chew Sets:


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