Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekend, Bloody Beetroots, Police Raids, John and Jehn, Slumdog Millionaire.....

Okay, so, this weekend was eventful, in fact the last few weeks have been eventful in the extreme, car accidents, friend passing in motorcycle accident (R.I.P. Mike), divorce, girlfriend leaving (come back Kitten), work issues, my first remix, radio show getting canned (temporarily, I will be back on air SOON, fear not), Babu, police raid, Bloody Beetroots, Slumdog Millionaire,

Let me start at the beginning, a good place to start of course:)

As some of you may or may not know, I am busy going through a divorce, it's not a bitter one, its kinda amicable, we are getting on famously. Well, we went to see Slumdog Millionaire last night, what an amazing movie, it had everything, kid covered in shit, eyes being scooped out, love, death, guns and a Bollywood dance, yeah, freaking awesome!! I have travelled through India and it was amazing to see that they got India and Mumbai in particular absolutely spot on!! However, when we were walking out some pompous voice was saying out loud for all and sundry to hear that he thought it was "So So" what an idiot, clearly he was trying to sound all cynical and educated and sophisticated, naturally failing at all of the above, all I need to say is: 8 Oscars (deserved), Freida Pinto ( hot hot), 71 other awards, so, the jokes on YOU you pompous pseudo intellectual prat!!!

Speaking of Pseudo Intellectual Prats, I give you BABU, now, I am as cultured as the next guy, well read, well versed in different musical cultures and have a very VERY broad based appreciation in music and its various forms, I am also well travelled, one of the many places I have visited is India, and have travelled the North extensively, including Amritsar where the Sikhs and the AWE inspiring Golden Temple can be found!! Well, two Indian blokes and two white guys from Cape Town have taken on the glorious Indian traditional music with the Tablas being the mainstay of the beat, the Drummer I will grant was WAY cool and amazing, nice chap too. The Tabla dude, a tall gangly hippy type from Cape Town was quite good, the bassist looked out of place and the guitarist a complete prat. I get annoyed when people are so far up their own arses that they feel the need to tell the crowd that if they want to talk they can go upstairs, annoyance number two, annoyance number 1 was telling me to turn down my music as he was afraid that I would scare people away before they were to play. Do NOT do that to a DJ, EVER!!!! <----Muppet!!! Annoyance number three was this eejit coming up to me after his show and asking me to turn down the music as he was trying to have a chat, FUCK OFF COCK!!! YOU go upstairs and have your chat!! And YES, Jo'burg IS a hectic city, and we like it that way. Annoyance number 4 was the 2 hour set that could have been 45 minutes. It was boring, full of neo hippy, fusion jazz wankery. I am so pleased for you that you spent decades learning your scales, the deft and nimble way that you showed us all that you had whilst leaning back and gazing imploringly at the concrete ceilings ala Jimmy Hendrix was for 15 minutes with the most mind numbingly dull solo I have ever had the mispleasure of sitting through, it was excruciating!! Oh, that solo was annoyance number 5.
Here's a transcript of some text messages between a fiend and I who was sitting upstairs chatting and who left the "gig" early: Me: Boring pretentious capetonian hippy wank music. The guitarist just tole the crowd that if they want to talk then go upstairs, what a fucktard.
Me: Fucking capetonians
Her: Haha what tossers! Later lovely :-)
Me: He also asked me to turn down my music as I was scaring people away with my chemical brothers, cockknocker. Why do I have to be civilized? Can't I hit him? hahahaha
Her: Fucking capetonians hit him! :@
Me: Hahaha, think I will, LOL!!!! Will they ever stop playing????
Me: It's been like 10 hours
Me: Of the same chord
Her: Just start playing :-)
Her: Hahahahaha
Me: Good idea, I am VERY tempted
Me: Death by babu
(disclaimer: apologies to any Capetonians hurt in previous rant, I love you all)
Well, then the Hawaii 5:0 came aknocking, Pohlees raid, woooo, It's been years since I was in a raid, the last one I was involved in, I was kept behind by 3 huge policemen and beaten up for no reason!!! Anyhoo, I packed my shit up, got paid (thanks Shaun, you are wicked cool) and made my merry way home!!

Saturday night was the Bloody Beetroots at the Alexandra Theatre in Braamfontein, they were awesome, I recognised a lot of the tracks they played as I have been featuring them on my show for months, so that was cool. They were crazy good, the crowd went nuts, hands in the air, waving it like they just don't care..... madness ensued, I loved it!!
I was in my tails and creepers, looking suave and ready for the floor, and veritably I did get down to the funky twisted electro beat!!! Tweak them mutha fukkas!!!

Right, sunday morning came and went and I watched the Deer Hunter, what an amazing movie, starring a young Robert de Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep. An emotive and awesome movie, a classic. It hasn't really aged at all, it is still as powerful today as it was in 1978 when it was first screened. Another anti-Vietnam film, feeding the Americans zeitgeist and collective guilt about a war that was extremely unpopular there and the costs on the people involved and the people left behind. Russian Roulette, scary shit man!!!!
Naturally I was chilling and recovering from the night before when my phone rang three quaters of the way through the long film, at 12, I was supposed to be at my nieces birthday party at 10am, FUCK, I had forgotten!!!! IDIOT!!! anyhoo, finished watching the movie and went and spent an hour with my LOVELY niece Emma, absolute swetheart, Happy Birthday Emma!!

Well, that was my weekend, and in celebration of that fine fact, the lovely folk at Nile-On wanted me to share THIS with you, enjoy:
John and Jehn - Looking For You (Mighty Mouse NYC Sensations Mix)
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