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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ropes Kitty Get Down Video and Kid Sister

Social Experiment #5 : A courage metaphor. The Ropes - "Kitty Get Down" Video by Andi Krop

We have received a lot of emails asking if we could clarify the message of this song. We usually feel lyrics should speak for themselves and can mean different things to different people, but we will make an exception here.

In short:
No. Kitty is not a song about a real cat.

"Kitty" is a metaphor for anyone who has ever been scared or intimidated by the world.
After realizing that everyone else is also hiding and climbing their own metaphorical trees, Kitty finds the strength to get down and face fears. This is the only choice because if Kitty doesn't make the change, no one else will. If you are like Kitty, maybe it's time to get down.

The Ropes

NYC based duo The Ropes are vocalist/bassist Sharon Shy and multi-instrumentalist Toppy (known for playing drums with the guitar hanging around his neck). Notorious for their engaging lyrics, The Ropes have toured extensively throughout the US and UK, opening for acts such as The Used, Innerpartysystem, The Matches, and others.

The Ropes have released an EP titled Cry to the Beat and a full length album What They Do For Fun, both produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Church) and Toppy.

New tour dates coming soon...
***Thanks to Natalie for the heads up***
For Roxanne

Kid Sister - Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Remix)

Kid Sister is Chicago. She makes rap music and works at a children's clothing store slanging bibs and teething rings. Yes, her hype man J2K ... (more) of Flosstradamus is her real brother, and yes that does rule. Together they took the Chicago music scene by storm rocking parties and causing all around dancefloor mayhem, and have spent the last year rocking shows from the sweatiest, chic-est basement parties in Paris to the main stage of Coachella. Now that "Pro Nails" is hitting MTV and radio across the country, there's no denying that Kid Sis is taking this

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