Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Go Bar closed for a while

A sad thing happened on friday night when I was playing at the The Go Go Bar in Newtown, seems as if their is a new Sherriff in town and he seems to want to exert his Draconian hold over our much beloved city, especially Newtown where some of the coolest venues reside, Go Go Bar being probably the coolest. Well, the Go Go Bar is currently closed for all of us as they are undergoing "Renovations". Now this has kinda been forced upon them as the Hawaii 5:0 came aknocking on many a venues door on Friday night, closing them down and taking their keys (somehow I am sure that that contravenes MANY a bylaw etc, not that the Snouted Pinkies care much, because in our country, there are certain institutions that are clearly ABOVE the law, namely the pohlees and our lovely government which will soon be run by a rapist and a fraudster all rolled into one fat fuck named jacob zuma (his name does not warrant capital letters, he's a dick)).

The Go Go Bar has fast become a venue that is not afraid to experiment, putting on events that push the boundaries with all the coolest underground talent this city and other cities have to offer, even hosting international mofo's on the odd (sic) occassion!! I have been DJ'ing there recently and it is a lovely venue lovingly run and owned by Shaun, the lovely Kezia and Kevin. They have made it a sumptuous place for the dissaffected to sit their wary arses down, have a good blether and then to perhaps mayhap have a good boogie down to the funky DJ's downstairs. It is complimented by the coolest staff ever, some of which used to reside at Tokyo Star when it was cool, pre-Greenside (take note you tokyo star morons in greenside, how could you fuck up such a cool place and still call it tokyo star, complete insult to the memory)!!!!! It will be sorely missed whilst they "Renovate" and we can all only hope that they open again VERY soon and give us party starved Jozi mutha fukkas a place to call home again, at least for a few nights a week. The bi-monthly junk sales are also awesome, I got the COOLEST pair of Tails there for R100!!!!!-------> PLUS lots of other wicked cool stuffies such as AWESOME Depeche Mode Vinyl (and you all know how much I love my Depeche Mode vinyl), COOL stuffies for Roxanne, etc etc etc... DAMN the Hawaii 5:0, they interfering with our Right to Party!!!!

This is the message that Shaun sent out to the members of the Facebook group of Go Go Bar:
"I am sorry to say that go-go bar will be closed for renovations. As you may or may not know...all the bars in Newtown were shut down due to various loopholes in the law. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate everyones support...we love you long time!!!"
Well, WE love YOU long time!!!

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