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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jensen Sportag Jackie

Hey peeps, a while back I featured Part 1 of this album, the lovely lads have now sent part 2 and here is a track from it. Enjoy:

Hola (means bonjour) Greg!

Austin of Jensen Sportag calling. Because you're a connoisseur of the highest caliber, you posted on our Sergio EP and we appreciate that about you. And as promised, here's our most accurate simulations of pop music yet; Part 2 of our Perfect Strangers EP series- Jackie. We worked hard making sure this one is unique so we don't waste anyone's time or dime. We even put in a remix from Max Tundra, our good buddy and one of pop music's most scriptural practitioners.

1 - Jackie: The title track is celebratory with a central theme of desire and shifts musically between 3 compositional quotations from pop rock. It is lyrically fashioned after the American girl tribute song (i.e Oh Sheila, Joanna, Sussudio, etc).

2 - Victim: This one has an overtly sexual message with musical references to early electro rap and epic soul.

3 - Cocktease: San Fransisco house and power pop provide setting for this girl gone bad story. (i.e. Runaround Sue, Maneater, Girl Gone Bad. etc).

+ Bonus Materials:
4 - Jackie (Jensen's Arpeggio Mix)
5 - Victim (Live Version)
6 - Cocktease (Jensen's Cockcuts Remix)
7 - Jackie (Justin Kase Remix)
8 - Cocktease (Max Tundra Remix)
9 - Jackie (Sats+Sojourn Remix)

Jackie Cover Art:

Jackie MP3: Jensen Sportag - Jackie
Jackie ZIP: Jensen Sportag - Jackie ZIP
Pitchfork Premieres Cocktease (Max Tundra Remix): Pitchfork Media Jensen Sportag - Cocktease (Max Tundra Remix) Stream>

That Max Tundra remix of "Cocktease" is coming out on Domino Records this spring. We'll be releasing lots more music throughout the year including parts 3 & 4 of Perfect Strangers, a collaboration project with Dent May (Pawtracks) and many reissues from the MIDISPORT vault. We have some odd shows lined up with Max Tundra, Gary War, Junior Boys, Justin Kase and Ghostland Observatory.

Sealed with a kiss,
Jensen Sportag


Anonymous said...

Aaahh, thank you ever so much!

Blogger said...

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