Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kyle Chipman new Album Left Alone In The Think Tank free download, coz he loves you

Introducing Kyle Chipman, he has kindly written two Biographies for you, one is true the other one not, can YOU guess which is true? Check below for a link to download the REALLY cool album:

Bio 1:
An award winning photographer, internationally published writer, multi-albummed composer and uncharted video artist, Kyle Chipman is the Goethe for Generation Reset. Hailing from Chicago, Kyle began his existence as a classical violist, receiving numerous accolades, competing in countless chamber competitions and performing with the illustrious Disney Young Musician’s Symphony Orchestra before he had reached teen-age. At the height of his classical prowess, Kyle switched his focus to theatre, becoming a member of the Piven Theatre’s Young People’s Company and performing in the Second City High School Ensemble before attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Being schooled at the Stella Adler Studio for Acting in New York, Kyle left the city to spend four and a half months in Shanghai as a vanguard theatre artist, studying Chinese Opera at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Since then, Kyle has continued writing, composing, photographing and video-ing at any and every turn. His most recent album is the impending chart-topper “Left Alone in the Think Tank,” available for download at DOWNLOAD the ALBUM HERE.

Bio 2:
The offspring of the God Hermes and a beautiful but mortal mill-worker, Kyle Chipman was born in the precarious half-state of Demi-God; not quite mortal, and not quite im-. Banished from Mt. Olympus after a disastrous pass at Aphrodite, Zeus threw Kyle far into the future (now the present), where he was forced to conform to the societal norms of the hereafter (the present). After fruitlessly seeking refuge in the ether kingdoms of Asgard, Elysium and the Chinvat Bridge, Kyle recently relocated to Los Angeles, where he will not reside for very long. Whatever the future (future) holds, he will stay true to the vow to use his super-strength only for Truth and Right, and never for the stygian darkness of Hate. He is also able to absolve sin.

Now enjoy my pretties:)

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